Syntax Coloring

I'm Max. My interests include programming, aeronautics, astronautics and linguistics.


vim is garbage. emacs is garbage. real programmers write code on notebook paper and OCR it with their phones

I block a major avenue staring down at my hyperrealistic drawing of Sublime Text. I have painstakingly syntax-highlighted it with colored chalk and the blood of a pigeon. I snap a picture with Google Glass and become the machine uprising.


It’s the year 4025 and our heroes find themselves in an alien planet.

Protagonist person: Quick hack their system!

Hacker person: *plugs laptop into USB port on alien computer and types “color 0a" and "tree" into windows command prompt*

ipconfig /all

This hotel has one of those Wi-Fi networks that direct your browser to a login page before you’re allowed to browse. I guess you’re supposed to get your credentials from the hotel staff, but the username and password are both hard-coded into the page’s JavaScript, like this:

if (username === "foo" && password === "bar") {

If you get the username or password wrong, it just throws you a JavaScript alert("wrong password") box.

People are lazy. Lazy and inept.